Professor Emeritus of Clinical Psychology

Past Director of the Postgraduate School of Psychology “Agostino Gemelli” (ASAG)

Director of the Integrative Psychotherapy School, Coop. sociale SANICARE, Massa

Scientific Director of the EDUCATT Clinical Service for Students, Catholic University of Milan

Scientific Coordinator of the European Center for Therapeutic Assessment (CEAT), ASAG, Catholic University of Milan

Member of the scientific committee of the Athenaeum Center for Family Studies, Catholic University of Milan

Scientific Director of the book series “Social and Family Clinical Psychology”, edited by Franco Angeli

Originally trained as a psychoanalytically-oriented therapist, my clinical practice and training have combined family therapy, clinical sexology, and body expression. Since 1975, I began my research activity on the family relationships and now I am a trainer and supervisor in clinical psychology and psychotherapy at several credited Schools of Psychotherapy throughout Italy.

Together with Eugenia Scabini, I developed the Relational Symbolic model for the study of family and couple relationships. The model has been translated into several foreign languages and presented in many countries; many books and research studies on the topic have been published since the early ‘90s.

Upon invitation I delivered several seminars about my research in family and couple relationships and psychotherapy both in Italy and abroad.

I serve on the Editorial Board of many scientific journals focusing on psychological and psychotherapeutic issues. Furthermore I published for editors such as Raffaello Cortina, Franco Angeli, Unicopli, Giuffré, Il Mulino, Taylor (New York), Herder (Barcelona).

Since 1977, I published more than 20 books in several languages as well as authored about 250 scientific articles.

1977-2017: 40 years of research on family/generational ties and couple relationships

1977: Models of family interactions (Modelli di interazione familiare)

2017: Clinical Psychology of divorce and stepfamilies (Clinica del divorzio e della famiglia ricostruita)